Warriner School – Additional information in relation to COVID-19


Pool Entry

Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19 we would request that only one Parent or Guardian attends with their child who is swimming, unless you have siblings where you need two adults to attend.  We will be unable to allow anyone else inside the building. 

We will now have a one way system to enter and exit the pool area.  Parents will enter through the gym door as usual and follow the one way system through to the courtyard past the changing rooms.  Upon arrival we ask that everyone use the hand sanitiser provided and we will also be conducting temperature checks and asking a series of questions before entry to the building.  One member of staff will remain in the corridor at all times.

Once you are in the courtyard the one way system will continue to the pool door, where you will drop off the children for lessons. No Parents or Guardians will be allowed on the poolside until social distancing is relaxed or it is feasible to do so.  

Should you wish to watch the lessons there will be limited availability to do so outside, from the far windows which will be open during the lessons. 

The children will be asked to use the sanitiser upon entry to the poolside and they must arrive ready to swim and with their towel. 

The parents will follow the one way system into the gym waiting area. Once everyone has arrived for their swimming time slot, the front door will be locked so the second class cannot enter until 10 minutes after the previous lesson has ended.  To help ensure that the number of people in the building at any one time is kept to a bear minimum, we would ask that you ARRIVE ONLY JUST BEFORE YOUR LESSON IS DUE TO START AND READY TO SWIM.

Inside the gym waiting area for Parents and Guardians there will be hand sanitiser available and the benches will be laid out around the gym area, allowing for social distancing with informative banners stating the guidelines set out by the governing body and ourselves.


We already run small groups and are therefore already within the guidelines so we do not need to reduce numbers per class and our lessons will stay at 30 minutes. 

We will have 15 minute gaps between each lesson (so your times may change slightly to accommodate this) to clean equipment, and minimise the footfall at any one time. Teachers will still teach in the pool for the younger stages but with social distancing in place, they have the option to teach from the poolside for stages 4+. 

We will have additional staff on the poolside as well as the Lifeguard to assist with cleaning and moving children around safely.

The pool will be split into 3 sections using pool dividers.  

Within each pool section there will only be a maximum of 6 children with a teacher and possibly a water helper depending on the lesson stage.

The equipment used for lessons will be kept to a minimum to reduce risk and only solid floats and woggles will be used for the lessons. These will be cleaned following the guidelines with chlorinated water after each lesson.

End of the lessons 

Classes will exit poolside at staggered times to reduce risk and adhere to social distancing.  Children will be required to towel dry on the poolside SO PLEASE SEND THEM INTO THE POOL WITH THEIR TOWEL.

Parents will collect their child from the pool door and change in the gym.  No showers will be available; the changing rooms will be available but recommended for toilet use only.  You will exit from the gym fire exit into the playground, not via the changing room corridor.

If you have any concerns or questions feel free to get in touch.  

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